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...each raw, small, sacred birth... a testimonial and offering

Its been a gift to ponder and let the feeling of your work arrive a little more deeply for me, and capture in words the feelings sparked from first sight of your womb women ... I see a lot of love in them. They've visually lent a sense of presence on their shelf, for me a kind of daily silent witness to life.

~ from the voice of Deidre

A Poem


We, the living, know this gift, then forget

we were carried,

like those before and those to come

who will be carried.

Chain-link life seeking seeds merged deep with mother pod,

womb grown full to bursting;

each raw, small, sacred birth

delivered into time and place-

a life, a part,

ancient and new.

Oh, oh the growing, flowering, flourishing, flowing through of it all!

The carrying, offering, rushing tide of it-

full flowing flood river, blood river, love flowing life river

Oh God!

The flow, the flow- behind, before-

wild forward pass flowing through, passing on,

letting go, letting go, letting go

long slow tides releasing

each dear moment,

a lifetime.


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