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a tender sharing

In watching, listening and learning about Lisa’s journey to uncover more of her own lineage in the first stages of planning this amazing exhibition, I came to the realization that my own mother’s lineage line would no longer be carried on by her 3 daughters. Her eldest daughter gave birth to 4 boys, her second born daughter chose not to have children and the gift of having my own children was decided for me due to having cancerous cells found in my cervix at the age of 36.

Over two long years, I had 4 medical procedures to try and remove all C3 cancerous cells from my cervix, however it was then discovered it had spread too deep and my only option was to have a hysterectomy to remove my cervix and uterus but leaving my ovaries in place. Following the operation, I deeply mourned the loss of my womb and the opportunity to give birth to my own children. The reason I had finally had a smear after a long time between the last, was to check I was healthy enough to start trying for children of my own, however this was not meant to be my path.

13 years on, I still grieve this loss from time to time. However, I am extremely grateful that the cancerous cells were found in time before it was too late and I am so blessed to have had family and friends who have shared their children with me as if they are my own. Because of this gift, I have 6 loving god children that mean the absolute world to me.

From the voice of Kylie


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