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A change of Perspective

The internal worlds of the life-size Womb Women Sculptures

I learnt pretty quickly that building big requires a different approach. Lessons in patience, as clay needed to firm up at different stages of building, so I could then continue to the next section without collapse occurring ... i did have a few collapses during this lesson!!

I learnt to create internal worlds of supporting structures, bridges and ridges in vulnerable areas such as over the hips, down through the pelvis, up and around the womb, internal archways to support the cocyx and sacrum, a spine to give strength for the back, and a ring of support inside the circle of the clavicle and neck. Without these supports I witnessed pregnant bellies dropping lower, lower backs curving inward beneath the weight of the upper body, heads sinking forward due to being too heavy for the chest to hold up ... three times now i have had to remove a head completely, strengthen her chest, then rebuild! so yes, many many moments of adrenaline rushes and panic have occurred as I register part of her giving way and caving in!!

I am not schooled up on the supporting ligaments that support our bodies in these particular areas however I do feel a that this is what I am creating as I build in my supports, building in an added sense of strength for each of these Womb Women.


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