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Sherryll ~ Mother

Came through the womb of Elizabeth (Beth)

Born 26th May 1954

Life Snippet: Born the eldest of 5 to a woman who was the youngest of 6, mostly musicians or at least musical, grew up in a family who always spent the holidays at the beach and there was always singing and music at every gathering.

My Story

Came alive at 19 when I discovered pottery living in Alexandra (at the same time as Mum, unknowingly, started pottery in Hamilton) went on to a path of spiritual pursuit and personal growth through the realms of Astrology, Massage, and as many healing arts as I could fit into my life, which is a story of magic and mystery. 

Blessed with three wonderful children, all who are talented and creative, and at the time of this exhibition, with 4 grandchildren and two beautiful great granddaughters, all who I love spending time with any time possible.


As a bit of a gypsy, I have lived in many towns, love living near the sea and in the second half of my life have done so with almost every move I have made, with one more to go… retiring to Hawera Nov 2022 where I, with my wonderful partner, will be living in a wonderful garden of trees who are around 100 years old, a healing room that is brand new, and a quilting space that is full of colour and joy.   What a life! 

                                                                                         from the voice of Sherryll

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