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6. Elizabeth and Ruby.jpg

Ruby ~ Great Grandmother

Came through the womb of Elizabeth

Born 16th March 1892, Alive for 82 years

Snippet: Sister of 11 siblings, mother of 6 children - the epitome of a fragrant miniature rose - tiny, always smelled wonderful, always had a radiant smile and never a stern word.  She loved spoiling her grandchildren with lollies "Want a lolly? Go upstairs and kiss your dolly" she would say with a cheeky chuckle and a sly grin, then slip sweets into tiny eager palms.  She would sneak off for a flutter on the horses with the equally eager friend from across the road, the family chuckling as they spotted her through the lounge window sneaking in the car.   Ruby loved sing-alongs and was a wonderful entertainer on the piano, even with two crooked little fingers, she could make those keys dance to any tune - ‘Little Sir Echo’ and "Russell of Spring" are pieces forever in our hearts.

from the voices of Karen & Sherryll

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