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Rachel ~ Daughter 

Came through the womb of Lisa

Born 9th January 1993

Hi my name is Rachel, I work as a registered nurse, I am Lisa’s only daughter, I was born in Te Awamutu on Saturday the 9th January 1993 at home as planned. With mum embarking on this journey of discovery into the womb to womb mother lineage, she thought it would be lovely to add a snippet of our lives to the story. So here goes…

My Story

My experience as a mother has not been an easy one. In October 2019 my long-term partner and I decided we were ready to have a child and start our family. March 2020 I found out I was pregnant, oh my the shock that this was actually happening!! We were over the moon. This pregnancy journey was sadly a short one, I experienced a miscarriage in April and needed to stay home for a week to physically recover as it was incredibly painful. I intellectually knew the odds, the rates of miscarriage, the facts and statistics… this knowledge does not help when you are the one experiencing it. 

Returning to work was … difficult … as part of my job is to do pregnancy tests and give the good news, to help women through their own miscarriages, and also to help women access termination services if they ask for this. My partner and I continued to try to conceive and became pregnant in August 2020. Again a short pregnancy journey ending in a second miscarriage. Physically it was less painful this time, emotionally…it was so much harder. I started to wonder if I could even have children, if I should give up trying to have a child. I knew that women can have many miscarriages and still successfully carry and birth a baby, however I was not sure I could handle a third loss. 

We waited three months, using contraception, to give my body a break…and my mind as well I suppose, before trying again. During this time, we got engaged to be married, it was exciting! April 2021...pregnant! I was so afraid that I would lose this baby that I tried not to get too emotionally involved in the beginning. We passed the 8-week mark of the first two losses, hope was on the horizon. We got to the 12-week ultrasound and everything was normal. I could finally relax and start enjoying my pregnancy. The usual pregnancy rites of passage were absent due to covid lockdowns, my family and friends hardly got to see me while pregnant, so to them we suddenly and magically had a baby!

Our daughter, Sophie, was born in January 2022 after a loooooong delivery. My waters broke early and we were in hospital over Christmas and New Y ears, three days of induction and labour, followed by an emergency cesarean. The sheer relief when the midwife handed our little girl to me…it is finally real … she is here … actually here. Welcome little miss!

I can happily say that as of today she is 7 months old and is thriving, she is such a happy and smiley sweetheart. The journey was not an easy one but was very much worth it to me. 


from the voice of Rachel

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