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Lisa ~ Myself 

Came through the womb of Sherryll

Born 27th June 1972

Life Snippet: Highschool pregnancy, 72hour labour, motherhood, baby boy, artwork rekindled, painting, pregnancy, homebirth, 8 hour labour, baby girl, farm life, postnatal depression, painting, playcentre, friendships, painting, pregnancy, quick homebirth, baby boy, country life, friendships, family, unhappiness, postnatal depression, beautiful children, turning point, life, laughter, children, separation …

My Story

… dreams becoming reality, Rudolf Steiner, Coromandel, children, fresh sea air, art school, dance, financial struggle, The Learning Connexion, 5Rhythms dance, Coromandel Arts Tour, dance, first job, friendships, marriage, creative growth, art study, dance study, finding my voice, children leaving home, re-discovering my voice, dragons, art diploma honours, major exhibition, teaching dance, who am I??, separation, suicide, grief, shame, incredible support, deep dark places, loving family and friends, turning my face to the light, small pleasures, choosing life … 

… beautiful granddaughter, grandma, growth, art making, dance installations, sexuality, dance, dance, dance, internal smile, pink sofa, thriving, Taupo, coming out, dance, teaching, support worker, falling in love, heartbreak, dance, sculpture, wise women, summer fling, using my voice, matriarchal lineage, reuniting, reignition, connection, falling back in love, marriage, beautiful wife, gorgeous granddaughter, grandma & nanny kai, large sculpture, mitochondrial DNA, womb to womb lineage, life size clay women, securing land for our lifetime home, perimenopause, major exhibition …..

I am a woman, daughter, granddaughter, mother of three wonderful children, grandmother of two gorgeous granddaughters, wife, sister of three siblings, aunt, painter, sculptor, creator, lover, friend, teacher, carer of the elderly.  I choose life, with all the depths and highs that come with being human.

from the voice of Lisa

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