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Elizabeth (Beth) ~ Grandmother

Came through the womb of Ruby

Born 9th September 1933, Alive for 75 years

Life Snippet:   Beth - sister of five siblings, mother of five beautiful children.  She was a woman who sewed coats in a factory, sewed and knitted for herself, her children and grandchildren, picked tobacco in Nelson.  A medal-rich ballroom dancer, so creative and artistic in the arts of liquid embroidery, beaded jewellery, stained glass, pottery, patchwork quilting and fabric crafting, Chinese bird brush-painting, mosaics, quilting - from the heart of the home to the warmth of her ever-colourful studio sanctuary. 

Beth's Story

Beth shared the ownership and love of a book exchange and hand-craft outlet - hosted international students with a passion and as a deeply caring woman Beth hosted international students from around the world and was highly valued and recognised for her service in the community as a Lioness in her later years. 


Beth studied herbalism, volunteered and had great involvement in the zipper club after her bypass.  She was daring and courageous - from Tai Chi to international travel.  Beth had a musical passion - playing piano and organ, loved to sing and whistle along and was indeed a bit of a party princess.  Lover of cats, gardens and beautiful friendships; she was a loving, committed and giving mother and grandmother, wife and lover, friend and confidant and left behind a profound legacy of being present in life at a level only understood and appreciated by those attaining those latter years - and had the privilege of knowing her.


All of Beth

Loss, grief, heartbreak, loneliness, critical illness, sadness and depression / Marriage, health, family, friendship, love/loved, joy and happiness, travel, creativity, melodic

                                            from the voices of Karen (Sister of Sherryll), Sherryll & Lisa

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