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 A body of work dedicated to every woman in our female ancestral lines.


NEW DATE: 22nd July 2023, Auckland

23 JAN - 6 FEB 2023
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Womb Women Exhibition
Hauraki House, Coromandel 


An honouring of
every woman
every daughter
every mother
every grandmother
an unearthing of a human journey
spanning more than 2.5 million years
of humanity

May your voices be heard

And so it begins
the first woman is cast
the first in a long line
of womb to womb lineage
may the journey
the birthing
be fluid
may grace bless this journey
may grace bless this archaeology of voice
may the voices that desire to be unearthed
speak and be heard

With love

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Event Information

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Coromandel Arts Tour

First two weekends of October
1-2 & 8-9 Oct

Opening hours: 10am to 4pm

My studio will be part of a hub of 4 artists

Location: Old Coromandel Hospital, 1740 Rings Road, Coromandel

Major Exhibition
'Womb Women'

Dates: 23-January to 6-Feb 2023

Daily opening times: 10am till 4pm, with some evenings viewings (tbc)

Exhibition schedule with full details coming soon. Sign up to receive updates.

Location: Hauraki House, Kapanga Road, Coromandel Town

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The clay Womb Woman that was gifted to me came from my mother...

"…. the author and artist of this storied exhibition, at a time when I was in the midst of my pregnancy journey. I had recently experienced my second miscarriage and was not yet pregnant with my daughter.  And honestly, at the time of being gifted this Womb Woman, I held little true appreciation for it. Now, each time I look at this sculpture I think back to that time and it makes me forever grateful for what I know now and what I have now, my beautiful baby girl."

from the voice of Rachel

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